Our Goal

Our goal at Nuclear Veterans Worldwide is to provide a single point of contact for the Nuclear Community. Organisations representing all things Nuclear will be represented, allowing Veterans, descendants and interested parties to see how active the Nuclear community is.

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Bringing together the best research documents, links to videos, books and web pages across the world. The latest stories can be found on our blog.

Many organisations are now represented and we can still do more, if you have a blog you want to publish, let us publish it to the communities worldwide.


Our members represent Veterans organisations across the world. Various countries have carried out Nuclear testing and our organisations represent their respective members. Member organisations all have an interest in the Nuclear Community. Find out if a member is in your country.


If you represent an organisation and would like to join, download the application form and join for free. Or if you are an individual who is working within the community and would like to showcase your work, email editor@nuclearvets.org for further details.

We do not charge any fees for publicising your group or organisaiton, as long as it is connected to Nuclear Veterans.

News & Publications

We are privileged to be hosting a series of articles from Joe Pasquini, who was a Navigator during the British Nuclear Tests on Christmas Island.

Joe is one of the last remaining people who have flew through a Mushroom Cloud and are alive to tell the tale.

In a series of articles, Joe will give us an insight into his experiences and a unique view of Nuclear Cloud sampling.

Sharing the Stage

Sharing the Stage with Nuclear Frontline Communities

Lilly is a consultant specializing in nuclear weapons outreach and policy issues. She currently works as an outreach consultant with the Union ofConcerned Scientists in their Global Security Program. She was recently awarded a grant with the Ploughshares Fund Women’s Initiative for a project to build connections with nuclear frontline communities and amplify issues of nuclear justice.

Our Expertise

Here at Nuclear Veterans Worldwide, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world aware of the Nuclear Veterans. . We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.

Our member organisations have detailed knowledge regarding Nuclear tests, climate change and the effect on the world.

The more organisations that join, the greater the expertise. Click below for a poem about the Tests.

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