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Flying between two Suns - The series & Other Articles

Joe Pasquini was a Navigator in the Royal Air Force and flew through the Mushroom Cloud during the 'Grapple' series of the British Nuclear Tests. In a series of articles, Joe gives an insight into Nuclear Cloud Sampling and exposes the truth.


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No 1 - This is the first, and only ‘unauthorized’ account of the Nuclear Cloud Sampling operation conducted by 76 Squadron RAF.


Flying into, and through the first true Hydrogen Bomb detonated by the United Kingdom. The guardians of the ‘official’ version may not have had all the full details delivered to them, and with this, may perhaps learn a thing or two.  Three nuclear devices were air dropped from Christmas Island during 1957


No 2 - This is the tale of Christopher Donne and his strife with the Ministry of Defence

An egregious injustice occurred several years ago when Flt. Lt. Christopher Donne, RAF (Rtd.), applied for a War Pension as he lay dying from cancer from his exposure to deadly radiation. Radiation absorbed while on Active Duty, as he was performing his duty as a sampling pilot during the British nuclear tests. These were held in Australia and at Christmas Island (Kiribati). Many of the facts concerning the circumstances of his radiation exposure where known, but were kept well hidden.


No 3 - Dicing with Death

April 28th, 1958, was a very busy day. Being woken up just after midnight. We washed and dressed by 1.30 am. Next item was a Flying Meal; eggs, bacon, toast and a big mug of tea. All of which was essential, as we didn’t know when we would be eating next. Then off to the weather briefing (Grapple Yankee). Possibility of light showers, but nothing serious or heavy, so we were to proceed to kitting up (getting dressed) for flying before going out to out aircraft.



No 4 - Grapple Yankee Exposed

Supressed and silenced by the Official Secrets Act of the United Kingdom, and of its Colonies, little was known of the UK’s covert nuclear testing programme, either in the military or in England. It has taken decades for the sordid details to seep out. Of what really happened when the UK detonated its first true hydrogen bomb. The event was so important for the Government, that the task was ordered done at any cost, regardless of manpower, materials and money. It almost made the country bankrupt.


grapple zulu cover.PNG

No 5 - Grapple Zulu FLAGPOLE

Grapple Zulu Flagpole was my undoing. At the end of July 1958, we returned to Christmas Island, from our overseas base in Adelaide, Australia. It was for the new Zulu series of nuclear tests. Our route took us on an overnight stay at RAAF Amberley, Brisbane, then on to Fiji. Where, we were able to have decorative Aloha Shirts, made-to-measure overnight, for our sojourn at Christmas Island. On our previous visit to Fiji for Grapple Yankee in the Spring, we arrived in Brisbane on Easter Sunday, when everything was closed.



No 6 - Return to BLIGHTY

On the completion of Grapple Zulu, returning to our overseas base in Adelaide, Australia, we were ordered to take an Aircrew Flying Medical examination. It was just two months after being exposed to a massive overdose of gamma radiation flying through the Zulu Flagpole nuclear cloud. Due to the amount of radiation we had absorbed, our radioactive crew were medically downgraded and grounded from flying as active crew members, for a period of six months.


front cover.PNG

No 7 - The Tropopause

Having travelled and gone into places where few have gone before; and having experienced and seen things than even fewer people have ever seen; there are indeed more things that do exist, that we need to learn about. Many more things! One of which, is the Tropopause.

Most people may not know or have even heard of the Tropopause. At one time, I didn’t either. Prepare to be amazed, because the Tropopause has a daily impact on the lives of every living thing on this Planet. 


No 8 - I'm a Meteorologist

I’m a Meteorologist! Well, not quite. Thou I do have a rain gauge in the garden. Unlike the weather people you see on television, I do not have a list of degrees that stretch down my arm. Or have I ever earned the huge salaries paid to people on TV, forecasting the weather. Nor do I have a list of published journals, or articles on the subject of weather.


This is perhaps the first (and probably the last) time that I’ll be writing about the weather. I’d better do a good job of it! I’m more of a journeyman meteorologist, or perhaps I’m just a student. As with each passing day, I am still studying the weather.


No 9 - Nature's own Weapons

Nature has its own array of weapons, which unleash ever so often. They fall into three broad categories, Weather (Storms/Tempests/Droughts), Earthquakes and Volcanos. Each one deserves a book or two (or three) of its own.


Starting with weather, everyone knows about it, because everyone experiences it each and every day. “Oh, to be in England”, where everyone’s favorite discussion topic is - the weather!