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The Nuclear Community Charity Fund

Following a long campaign by the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association, the Chancellor announced a provision of £25 million from LIBOR funds financing an Aged Veterans Fund to alleviate suffering and increase wellbeing.

The Aged Veterans Fund ‘went live’ in April 2016 and the BNTVA, through their Nuclear Community Charity Fund (NCCF) received approval to launch an initial Portfolio of five projects benefiting the Nuclear Community.

In 2017 a second phase bid was successfully achieved allowing the portfolio of projects to evolve and expand addressing wider needs of our community. This also saw the NCCF reformed as an independent Foundation Status Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Today the NCCF is funding research into social and health issues faced by our community and also leads the way in providing Care, Wellbeing and Inclusion support to our beneficiaries.

The NCCF is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (1173544) with Foundation status it operates solely on a, not for profit or commercial gain basis