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Making that difference - by threats!

Nuclear Veterans Worldwide has always tried to provide a central point of contact for the Nuclear Community, providing links to organisations across the world who provide help and guidance.

Providing blogs from numerous people across the world, informing the world of the struggles of the Community and providing news and information regarding the different organisations. Until May of this year, no-one had complained about being linked with the site or threatened us with legal action.

Step forward, Nigel Heaps and the NCCF (Nuclear Community Charity Fund) who do not like us reporting on any of their activities or even promoting their services to the community.

This letter was received on the 18th May to our office:

We obviously touched a nerve when publishing factual articles about the NCCF and their structure. In fact they holding one person (we have anonymised the name) personally and legally responsible for all anonymised content. (Or as we like to call it Freedom of Speech)

Many of our readers have questioned the setup of the NCCF, the provision of the funding, the award of hundreds of thousands of pounds to Bexon Heaps Associates and why they have not met their contractual obligations under the award they were given. (Exposure magazine not being published quarterly, memorial stones not refurbished etc.)

We have produced a number of blog posts regarding this:




These are legitimate questions, questions which the NCCF refuse to answer when approached by individuals. In fact, one such individual told us that he had written to the Chairman and had received no response.

We pointed out to Mr Jeffrey that the conversa.live site had errors. There is a statement which asks the user to agree to usage and privacy policies, with a link in the conditions. The link doesn't exist.

It is very unfortunate that a Charity who provides help via the Care and Wellbeing fund, who were given Libor Funds, would not want to publicise their Charity to help other people. In their letter, they state that they have received 12 people visiting their site, if they can help even 1 of these people, it will be worth it.

Unfortunately the NCCF seem to not want to be part of the Community. It is their loss and perhaps in the future with different leadership and advisers to the board, they may think differently.

We will not stop providing the truth to the Community, fighting for the veterans and reporting on all aspects from around the World. If you want to contact the NCCF, you can write to chairman@thenccf.org or call 0115 8883442. (We can publish these are they are in the public domain)

Let us make it clear, Nuclear Veterans Worldwide does not 'Foster Hate' against any organisation, the blog posts are written by many people across the world and provide accurate, up to date information for the whole Nuclear Community.

We will not be censored by anyone attempting to bully us.


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