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NCCF Trustee attacks the BNTVA & Nuclear Veteran on Social Media.

Updated: May 23, 2019

Mr Blackburn in his BNTVA Shirt - Picture from thenccf.org Trustee page

In an extraordinary attack on a Nuclear Veteran, Mr Martin Blackburn, trustee of the NCCF has re-ignited the feud between the NCCF and the BNTVA.

Before the BNTVA Annual Conference, Mr Blackburn posted an article online promoting the NCCF and wishing people well who were attending the conference.

The BNTVA laid out leaflets promoting the NCCF and gave updates on NCCF funded projects at Brunel University.

So why did Mr Blackburn verbally attack a Veteran who commented on his post?

The Facebook post appeared on a closed group which is not the official BNTVA Facebook page:

The post showed the leaflet that was distributed to the attendees of the conference for the Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund which helps Veterans and their families with house adaptions and household appliances as well as other assistance.

All seemed well, until the Veteran commented. (The Veterans name has been removed to protect his identity)

Mr Blackburn then went on to verbally attack the BNTVA and their increase in membership fees:

Mr Blackburn is obviously unaware that his own organisation has stated that the magazine is only free for the first 3 years:

The Veteran then replied:

Mr Blackburn then replied to a question regarding John Baron, shouting at the Veteran:

The Chairman of the BNTVA, Alan Owen, then tried to diffuse the situation:

Mr Owen's post continued:

Other veterans and descendants commented on the post, before Mr Blackburn again attacked the Veteran:

Mr Blackburn continued his assault:

At this point, other members of the group also tried to diffuse the situation:

These screenshots were taken during the conversation and relayed to me as the person was disgusted by the behaviour of a Trustee, attacking a Nuclear Veteran. The thread has now been removed by the Admin of the group as they were so disgusted by the attack.

Whilst I appreciate that in a closed group, the comments remain within the group, the seriousness of this attack by a Trustee of the NCCF both on the Veteran and the BNTVA cannot be ignored and this is why I am reporting on the incident.

Mr Alan Owen (Chairman of BNTVA) was contacted for comment, he said:

'I have contacted the Chairman of the NCCF and asked him to investigate, I cannot comment further'


Everyone is aware of the strained relationship between the two organisations, but is extraordinary that an NCCF trustee, who states that he supports the BNTVA should attack them and one of the members with such aggressive language.

The Veteran is very distressed by the assault by Mr Blackburn. Should a person who attacks Veterans online continue to be a trustee of a Charity? Only time will tell, perhaps he should do the right thing, apologise and resign his position.

Slaine McRoth - 22nd May 2019


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